How it works / FAQs

Giving from your pay is simple.

First choose a charity (or more than one) that you would like to donate to, then choose how much you want to give (our website will calculate the tax on top for you).

Sign up using our online form.

We will let your employer’s payroll department know the details of your donation(s), and we’ll get in touch with you if we need any more information in order to get them set up.

All done! You’re now a Payroll Giver and a member of The Payroll Giving Team!


Got some questions about the finer details? Our FAQs might help…

  1. Which charities can I give to?
    You can give to any charity you fancy as long as it is recognised in the UK as having charitable status. There are hundreds of thousands of worthy causes out there – we have a small selection featured on our “charities” section, for those who need a little inspiration…
  2. What do I do once I have decided I want to give?
    Head to our “donate” page, fill in the form and we will liaise with your employer’s payroll team to get your donation set up.
  3. How many charities can I give to at once?
    As many as you like! There are no limits apart from the ones you set. Our “donate” page assumes you are most likely to give to a maximum of 3 charities, but if you want to give to more then just submit the first 3 and repeat the “donate” process until you’re done.
  4. Is there a minimum donation amount?
    We recommend £2 (including tax) as the minimum. There are no upper limits on how much, or how many charities you can give to.
  5. What’s the difference in tax‐effectiveness between this and Gift Aid?
    When donating from your pay, payroll take your donation before deducting your income tax, so your charity gets a donation from you which includes the tax you would normally have to pay the HMRC. Alternatively, Gift Aid allows your charity to claim back tax that has already been given to the HMRC in income-tax (that’s why you have to sign a Gift Aid declaration stating you pay tax in the UK). Charities will only ever get 20% in total back in tax through Gift Aid but 100% of the tax normally paid is applied automatically on donations made from your pay. Payroll Giving is therefore especially beneficial to the charities receiving money from higher-rate tax payers as they get more without any extra cost to the individual giving.
  6. How can I be sure my donation will reach my chosen charity?
    Although The Payroll Giving Team sets up your donation for you, that’s the end of our role. Your employer has chosen an HMRC regulated charitable organisation, called a Payroll Giving Agent, to deal with paying your money to the right charities in the right amount. If you would like a statement of everything you have donated and which charities have received it (and when) then you can get one from your employer’s “Agent” at any time. Please get in touch with us via the “contact us” section if you want to request a statement.
  7. Can I cancel my donation at any time?
    Yes – there is no obligation on you to keep giving. Please use this link to submit your instruction to cancel ALL active donations  If you only want to make changes to SOME of your existing instructions (in any way) then go to the “donate” page and choose “I am an existing donor” and you should find it easy to specify the changes you wish to make.  Please do get in touch if you need any help with this bit too.
  8. Will my charities write to me?
    Not if you don’t want them to. We do not automatically opt you in to anything; so when you “donate”, you control who gets in touch with you, why and how – if at all. It is nice to hear what your charities are doing so, even if only by email, they would love to update you on how your money is making a big difference through their work. You will probably get a thank you letter from your charity to confirm your donation too, however other than that you should only hear from them in your preferred way. Also it’s worth noting that not all charities have the admin resources to write, especially the small/local ones.
  9. What if I forget which charities I am giving to?
    Whenever you sign up with us we will send you an email confirming the charities you have chosen and the amounts to each, so please ensure you keep that safe as a handy reminder.  At any time you can contact your company’s chosen Payroll Giving Agent to get a full statement of your giving (how much has been passed to whom, and when). Get in touch with us and we can direct you to the right place to get this done. If we are able to we will even do it for you!
  10. What happens if I leave my company?
    Your donation will automatically stop with your last pay. If you would like to give at your next job, get in touch and we can help you do that (or find out if you can’t).
  11. Does 100% of my donation reach my charity?
    Your employer has chosen an HMRC regulated charitable organisation, called a Payroll Giving Agent, to deal with paying your money to the right charities in the right amount. The Agent needs to cover their running costs therefore they take between 2-4% of your donation (on average) in admin-fees. However, half of employers pay this admin fee on behalf of employees so that 100% of your donation and the tax reaches your charity. Get in touch if you are not sure if your employer is one of the 50% who does.
  12. How is The Payroll Giving Team funded?
    We are paid by charities to represent them. Our fees are paid to us from a pre‐allocated fundraising budget and do not come from your donation.